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Artis Ray Davis

This website is presented as a tribute to the life and work of Artis Ray Davis of Mobile Alabama — born in Lucedale, Mississippi. The stories and info here largely came from things Ray told his son, me, Tom Davis, during the many hours we talked about the family’s genealogy. I  welcome all comments about accuracy or needed corrections.

The pages here present time periods and significant years in his life with photos of times long ago. I do not have a photo of Dad the teenager and hope you have one. Be sure to click the images to see a larger, full frame version.


The inspiration for this site came from the second evening after Dad past when I was telling Jeff and Brian (two of Ray’s grandsons) about events in his life and things he did. Those stories made the old guy they knew become a young man like them who faced life’s issues as they face. My hope is the stories at this site, that will include all those told to Brian and Jeff, will allow you to know my father as I knew him and the legacy he left us.

The remainder of this website is written in the third person and refers to Dad as Ray Davis to be less confusing. I hope you find it fun to read. If you find yourself smiling then know that is what he would do as he peered through his bifocals with his head tilted back.

This site is based on my memories of things he told me and what I pulled from his files and other records.  If you find something you are sure is wrong please let me know at “tom@davis360 dot com”.

Tom Davis